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The Best 15 Indonesian, Restaurants in Medan, Indonesia

RM.Sinar Pagi
50 reviews

Jl. Sei Deli no. 2D, Medan 20152, Indonesia, Medan

The Legend for Soto Medan. Not sure if they provide the ac room will still attract the " wealthy" travellers.

Restoran Miramar
50 reviews

Jln. Pemuda, Medan 20151, Indonesia, Medan

recomended resto.. food is so delicious. I loved this place

Soto Udang Kesawan

Jl. Ahmad Yani no.116, Medan 20133, Indonesia, Medan

Mi Aceh Titi Bobrok
50 reviews

Jl. Setia Budi no. 17C, Medan, Indonesia, Medan

Nice special aceh noodle

Kwetiau Kerang
50 reviews

Jln. S. Parman No 22, Medan 20112, Indonesia, Medan

Nice place to eat kwitiaw. Not a crowded place.

RM OnDo Batak Grill
48 reviews

Jln. Pabrik Tenun No 45, Medan 20118, Indonesia, Medan

Staff is friendly, food is good and fast, place is huge. Recommended to visit this but reservation may be required if yo

Rumah Makan Tabona
9 reviews

Jln. Mangkubumi No 17, Medan 20151, Indonesia, Medan

Great street food specializing in chicken curry. The curry is usually served with vermicelli, akin to Malaysia/Singapore

Merdeka Walk
50 reviews

Jl. Balai Kota, Medan 20236, Indonesia, Medan

A place that local could hangout. In sunday morning, the locals usually do the sport like cycling, marathon, badminton,

Ayam Goreng Kalasan
50 reviews

Jln. Sultan Iskandar Muda no. 292-294, Medan 20112, Indonesia, Medan

A good place if you’re looking for Indonesian foods. Friendly staffs and they serve a lot of variation for Indonesia f

BPK Tesalonika
50 reviews

Jl. Jamin Ginting No. 103 Simpang Selayang, Medan, Indonesia, Medan

Recomended place for non halal food